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  • High quality: Made of environmentally-friendly, impervious polyethylene material with excellent absorbency and leak resistance
  • Easy to absorb: A quick-hardening pad in the urine bag that absorbs urine, vomit or other liquid waste and turns it into a tasteless, spill-resistant gel
  • Portable: Easy to carry when traveling, can be carried in a backpack, purse, pocket or glove box. Ideal and convenient solution in emergencies
  • Large capacity: Travel urinary bag with a capacity of about 600 ml, suitable for men, women, the elderly and children; also suitable for impatient or disabled people
  • Widely used: Disposable urinals are commonly used as traffic jams, seasickness and motion sickness, mobility problems, urinating in public places, potty training, camping, hiking, etc., can be used as any emergency toilet bag, etc
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    * Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, it can flexibly fold urine injection nozzles to fully solve the difficult problem of unisex and young people.
    * Convenient to carry, two-tier exquisite packaging, health and hygiene
    * The packaging is also equipped with a disposable plastic bag, which is convenient to place inside the tape after use. It is sealed up at the first time to play a role in cleaning while preventing the infection of urine and faeces.
    * This portable disposable bag, put in your backpack when you take bus or take a plane for travel or business, when you have carsick airsick, neednot worried about you will vomit to anywhere.
    * When you and your family suffer serious Holidays High-speed or rush hour traffic jam, This mini removable toilet can safe your on the such a terrible jam, especially for kids.

    Material: polyester (PET), polymer absorbent paper, non-woven fabric
    Size: 25 x 13 cm
    Capacity: About 600 ml

    Use Tips:
    1. Open re-sealable bag.
    2. For women, fold edges of lip for added comfort.
    3. Once finished, close the re-sealable bag. You can re-use until full.
    4. Dispose of urinal bag in garbage bags provided.
    5. Dispose garbage bag in waste container.
    6.Children should be under the supervision of adults when using the product.
    7.Please do not throw into the toilet to avoid clogging.

    Package Included:
    12 x Urinal Bags
    12 x garbage bags