Skisneostype 10 Pcs

About this item

  • ❤ Washable and Reusable: Toe wraps are made of soft fabric and it’s allergey-friendly. It is easy to clean and reuse.
  • ❤ What You Get: This toe splint set includes 10 toe wraps with different sizes. Perfectly designed to cover medium and big toes without buying different sets. You get 5 large wraps for your big toe and 5 medium wrap cushions for your middle toes.
  • ❤ Support for Overlapping Toe: The soft fabric toe wraps gently separate and readjust the overlapping toes to help stabilize and straighten them.
  • ❤ Benefit for Toe Protection and Bunion Pain Relief: designed to provide instant pain relief for your big toe from Bunion Pain, Toe Overlapping and Drift.
  • ❤ Suits to: Helps reduce discomfort caused by broken or hammer toes, and prevent bunion progression, overlapping toes, and to avoid surgery.
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    Material: High quality fabric

    Size: M, L


    1. Made of durable, non-slip, best quality fabric materials. it is very supportive, comfortable for your hammer toe and can be worn all day.

    2. Easily buddy wrap broken toes to minimize movement and promote healing. The soft fabric wrap cushions the injured toe gently straightening and aligning it for proper positioning while protecting irritating friction.

    3. Fit most style of shoes, usual sports shoes, mountaineering shoes, formal or casual shoes whatever you like.


    1. Help correct hammer toes, curled toes and bent toes, and regain the shape of toes.

    2. Focuses completely around the entire toe joint to protect broken toes and help reduce the pain of your toes.

    3. Suitable for both men & women, fits to wear then in flats, sports shoes, walking shoes, etc.

    Package includes:

    5 * Hammer Toe Splints (M)

    5 * Hammer Toe Splints (L)