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  • 【EFFICIENT AND EASY TO OPERATE】The funnel shape design that conforms to the shape of the foot, you can easily fix the socks, and then use the long rope to easily wear the socks, simple and efficient, easy to practice.
  • 【STURDY MATERIAL】Sock aid slider are made of impact-resistant molded plastic and are extremely durable. The rope is made of high-quality nylon rope, can withstand strong pressure, strong and not easy to break, do not worry about being easily damaged during use.
  • 【WEAR SOCKS EASILY】Flexible shell, with super flexibility, soft and non-slip foam handle, strong and effective grip, specially designed for people with small strength, so that you can wear socks effortlessly.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY】The ultra-light weight of 0.2kg is equivalent to carrying a small apple with you. Lightweight and not occupying a place, you can pack it in your bag or suitcase, and the high-quality sock helper makes traveling easy and enjoyable.
  • 【SUITABLE FOR THE CROWD】Use environmentally friendly and safe ABS plastic without any harmful substances. Very suitable for pregnant women, elderly people and other people with limited mobility. Avoid the trouble of needing family help to wear socks, let you feel independent and dignified.
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    Good Quality and Reliable bowsugar Stocking Slider

    ✔ Carefully designed to fit the shape of the foot,
    comfortable and efficient, making wearing socks a fun

    ✔ High-quality plastics are finely polished and have no burrs,
    so do n’t worry if wearing socks will hurt your feet

    ✔ bowsugar sock aid slider has a delicate and flexible design,
    which is the best way to wear socks comfortably and quickly

    ✔ The sturdy nylon rope of 90cm can be easily used even by tall people

    ✔ Soft foam handle, comfortable grip, effortless, makes life easier for people with inconvenience


    1. Put the sock into the sock helper, put the foot in the groove

    2. Grab the rope with both hands and slide your feet into the socks

    3. Pull up the rope and put the foot completely into the sock,
    continue to pull up until the sock helper comes out of the sock