Xinzistar 50 Pcs Den

About this item

  • Relief From Irritation – Medical grade microcrystalline wax for temporary relief irritation caused by dental / orthodontic appliances, loose fillings, retainers, dentures or broken teeth.
  • Reassuring Material – These are edible braces wax, it is okay if you accidentally swallow them. Dentist recommended and approved. Great for all ages.
  • Practically Invisible – Our clear wax is made to blend in with your teeth, providing maximum comfort with minimal noticeability.
  • 10 Multiple Scent – They have aromas extracted from different plants/fruits, different scent of orthodontic wax for braces give you healthy oral and fresh breath.
  • Portable Package – You can easily place the dental wax in your pocket or bag, the case protects the braces wax from external dust.
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    Colour: Purple, fluorescent green, beige, orange, blue, pink, fluorescent pink, green, yellow, white
    Scent: Grape, pineapple, osmanthus, orange, mint, rose, strawberry, apple, lemon, original flavo
    Quantity: 5 pieces x 10 boxes

    How To Use
    – Cut out the braces wax about 2-3mm long.
    – Knead the wax into a ball shape.
    – Cover the protruding dental instrument with these small spheres of wax, make them close together.
    – Remove these wax before meals, clean your mouth after meals, and use new dental wax.
    Tips – If the temperature is low in your area, hold the wax close to heat source to make it soft. If you thought it is too soft for you, please put it in the refrigerator for few minutes before use.