Chutoral 4 Pieces Dr

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  • Material: The reusable laundry tumble dryer balls are made of high-quality PVC material, which is environmentally friendly and durable, and can be used safely on all clothes.
  • Features: No need to use any chemicals. These laundry balls can make clothes soft and ensure that all fibers are smooth and fluffed. Save time and energy when drying clothes.
  • Easy to use: just put the laundry ball in the washing machine. The laundry ball can speed up air flow and heat dissipation, thereby effectively shortening the drying process.
  • A wise choice: Our high-quality dryer balls reduce the usage time of the dryer, thus greatly reducing the electricity bill. With our simple solution, we save fabric softener and money.
  • The package includes: you will receive 4 reusable laundry balls in two colors. These balls can go through 1400 drying cycles.
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    4 Pieces Dryer Tumble Balls Dryer Laundry Balls Washing Balls Reusable Laundry Tumble Dryer Balls Softer Material 2 Color

    The laundry ball is high-quality, durable and reusable. No chemicals.
    Naturally make clothes soft and save time and energy.
    These laundry balls help the air circulation in the washing machine, thereby effectively improving the operation rate of the dryer.

    Material: PVC
    Color: blue & green

    The package includes:
    4 * Dryer ball