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  • ◎Novel style: This coaster is designed in the shape of a cactus. The shape of the cactus is used to design a coaster suitable for glasses, coffee cups and other cups. The inside of its flower pot can also be used to store small scissors, nail clippers and other small objects. The storage space is perfectly utilized, making the coaster storage beautiful and convenient and simple.
  • ◎Size: This cactus coaster has 6 coasters of different sizes. The number and size of the coasters are respectively, diameter: 8cm*1, diameter: 8.2cm*1, diameter: 8.6cm*1, diameter: 8.9 cm*1, diameter: 9.2cm*1. Various sizes of design can meet the needs of different sizes of cups.
  • ◎High-quality materials: Our coaster is of very high quality. The coaster is made of environmentally friendly EVA resin material, which is heat-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, and biodegradable. Its basin cover is made of selected soft oak, which is more natural and authentic. The flowerpot is made of virgin ABS resin material, which has strong impact resistance and will not crack even if it is dropped at a height of 2 meters.
  • ◎Strong absorption: The surface of the coaster has a strong water absorption capacity, which can quickly absorb coffee stains or water stains overflowing from the cup, thereby effectively avoiding the situation of water flowing on the table, and helping you to keep the table clean and tidy.
  • ◎Suitable various cups: This coaster has 6 different sizes to make it suitable for various types of cups such as: mugs, glasses, tea cups, coffee cups, children’s drinks, sports bottles, craft cocktails and accompanying cups.
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    ►Cactus Coaster:

    ☼ It can effectively absorb the water droplets or spilled liquid in the cup to keep the table dry. The cork base has anti-scratch and non-slip functions, and will not damage the furniture.
    ☼Easy to store and cute in appearance-this cactus coaster is equipped with a flowerpot for storing the coaster. When you are not using it, you can insert it back into the flowerpot. It is simple and beautiful. It is worth mentioning that you can also use it. The flowerpot is very practical and beautiful for storing small scissors, keys, nail clippers and other small objects.
    ☼6 different sizes, the size of these 6 coasters are different, you can choose the right coaster according to the size of different cups.
    ☼Creative decoration-the cute cactus shape makes it an exquisite art decoration whether it is placed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or university dormitory.

    Material: Environmentally friendly EVA resin material.
    Diameter: 8cm*1;8.2cm*1;8.4cm*1;8.6cm*1;8.9cm*1;9.2cm*1
    Weight: 220g
    Packing size: 12*12*9.5cm