olyee Silvervine Che

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  • 【Natural Materials】The cat grinding stick, the material to nature to attract cats to play material, Lafite flowers and polyvine filling fruit gnawing fruit, hemp rope fixation makes the toy more bite resistant, relieve stress, make your cat feel calm and relaxed.
  • 【Attract Cat’s Attention】The cat chew toy is filled with a small amount of catnip, which can attract the cat’s attention. Your cat will get very excited and exhibit amusing and funny behavior ( chewing, rubbing, licking, running, rolling, purring, drooling ).
  • 【Better Digestion】Catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve digestion, and keep pets healthy.
  • 【Gingival Protection】These chew sticks rods are effective in eliminating dental plaque and calculus, eliminating bad breath and protecting oral health for you and your pet.
  • 【Best Gift for Cats】Cat chew toy is very suitable as a gift for your cat, and as a toy for it to play. When you are not at home, let it have toys to accompany it to play with it, which will not make your cat feel lonely.
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    Why is this catnip sticks the best gift for cats?
    When cats are bored daily, they will anxiety, which will destroy the furniture, clothes, shoes and other daily necessities at home.
    If the cat plays with this toy often, it can increase the cat’s happiness, the frequency of body movement, and improve the cat’s physical fitness, then your lovely pet will become interested in interactive play.

    Product Type: Silvervine Sticks Cat Toys
    Size: 14cm/5.5inch

    1. Silvervine chew sticks help cats to remove tartar from their teeth.
    2. The cat chew sticks can enhance the peristalsis of the intestines and make the cat healthier.
    3. Effectively reduce stress and keep your cat in a happy mood.

    Package Including
    4 x Silvervine Chew Sticks

    Please allow 0.5-1cm difference due to manual measurement.