FANTESI 2 Pcs Pet Fo

About this item

  • ❤Good material: The pet toy ball is made of high-quality PVC material that is safe, non-toxic, bite-resistant, and non-corrosive.
  • ❤Ingenious design: The pet food ball can put the pet’s favorite food into the pet food ball. When the pet plays, the pet can get more surprises and enjoy more happiness.
  • ❤IQ training: Dog ball chew toys can easily attract pets’ attention, and can train pets to help pets improve their intelligence and life.
  • ❤Dental health: Pet tooth cleaning ball is bite resistant and can effectively help clean the dog’s teeth. Dog toy balls are more conducive to the grinding of pet teeth and keep teeth healthy and strong.
  • ❤Avoid damage: Pet snack toy balls can prevent pets from destroying the home environment, so that pets no longer bite daily necessities, and bring a comfortable environment to your family.
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    Color: blue, red
    Material: PVC
    Quantity: 2 pcs

    1. Pet toy ball is very helpful to pet’s healthy life. It can prevent pets from having a melancholy and boring life every day.
    2. Pet interaction toy ball no longer makes pets feel lonely, can make you interact with pets, accompany them to grow up happily, and enhance the relationship with pets.
    3. The pet IQ training ball can train the agility of the pet, improve the intelligence of the pet, and make the pet closer to your life.
    4. Pet food balls can better attract pets, and pet food can be placed in food balls. Pet food ball can prevent pets from overeating and are very helpful to pets’ healthy diet.
    5. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

    Warm notice:
    1. When pets are playing pet chewing balls, it is recommended to carry out proper supervision to ensure that they will not swallow by mistake.

    Package includes:
    2 pcs pet food ball

    Risk free:
    if you have any question in anytime, please contact us and we will service for you try our best.