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  • Package includes: Our package includes 4 pieces of natural cuttle bones, each piece is about 12-14cm in length.There are also 2 metal buckles to fix the cuttlebone on the birdcage, which is convenient for birds to bite.
  • Chew toys: It is very suitable for birds, and has the effect of polishing and protecting the bird’s beak.
  • DIY bird toys: You can make holes in cuttlefish bones and make DIY parrot toys with other beads and hang them in the cage.
  • Suitable: Our cuttlefish bones are also very suitable for other small animals, such as tortoises and snails.
  • Note: Our cuttlefish bones may be damaged during transportation, please consider carefully before ordering. Broken cuttlefish bones will not affect the use.
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    Product Name: Parrot Chewing Toy
    Material: Natural Cuttlefish Bone
    Size: 12-14CM
    Weight: 60g
    Suitable for: Parrots,birds, snails, turtles and other small animals

    4 pieces Natural Cuttlefish Bone
    2 pieces Metal Holder