Aoliandatong 2PCS re

About this item

  • ✅Waterproof Material:Made of high-quality PE material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, waterproof and moisture-proof. The material of this repotting mat is light, soft, easy to shape, and has good light transmittance.
  • ✅Size:One garden mat is 68 x 68 cm/26.7 x 26.7 inches (unfolded), and the other garden mat is 100 x 100 cm/39 x 39 inches (unfolded). So you can get 2 different size gardening Mat in the package.
  • ✅Button design: Square snap button gardening waterproof mat design, with 2 buttons on the four corners. The four corners can be buckled easily to form a short wall to prevent water and soil leakage.
  • ✅Convenience to Use:This transplanting mat is foldable, easy to carry and store, and easy to clean with water. It can also be reused for a long time.
  • ✅Multiple uses:This Planting Mat is very suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation of large or small plants with two sizes product. You can use this plant care mat for digging, repotting, watering, loosening, transplanting, cleaning, pruning and hydroponic planting, etc.
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    Product Feature:
    1.The transplanting plant mat can be folded for easy carrying and storage. In addition, it saves space and can be reused.

    2.Perfect for indoor or outdoor planting, also is an ideal gift for people who love gardening.

    Product material: PE coating material. Dirty soil will not stick to the product and can be easily washed away with clean water. Will not fade, non-toxic and tasteless; foldable, convenient storage and does not take up space; waterproof and dirt-proof, very suitable for family use.

    Color: green with snap buttons on the four corners. The design of the buckle prevents the spilled dirt from staining the floor and avoids the act of cleaning again.

    Size:One garden mat is 68 x 68 cm/26.7 x 26.7 inches (unfolded), and the other garden mat is 100 x 100 cm/39 x 39 inches (unfolded).

    Package Includes:2 repotting mats with differen size.

    After receiving the product, you can first buckle the four-corner snaps, and then do some actions in this mat.

    Warmly Notes:
    You can wash it before you use and make sure that the snaps on the four corners are pressed and stabilized before finishing. This will make you feel better.