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  • 【High Quality Aluminum Alloy】The carpenter square,rafter square metric is made of high quality aluminum alloy,with black matte finish to prevent glare,corrosion resistant and durable,not easy to break.No sharp edges at all,will not hurt your hand.Our product Scibing Notches is Accurate,if you have any peoblems,please contact us.
  • 【Function】The triangle metric ruler can be used as a protractor,miter,line scriber saw guide,framing square and a ruler,ideal for all building and remodeling projects.
  • 【Mark Your Cut Lines】Its thick edge can be used directly with the saw against the square for cross cuts or angled cuts using the etched protractor scale,let you quickly and accurately mark your cut lines on your stringers.
  • 【Clear and Accurate Scale】Strong cast aluminum body,with clear and accurate scale,convenient to read value.Not easy to wear.User-friendly design,elegant craftsmanship,long-lasting use.
  • 【Package】You can get one ruler,lightweight,flexible.Suitable for all building and remodeling projects,also hobbyists,home builders,manufacturers and artists.
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    7 inch Square Protractor comes with high-quality aluminum alloy material, Imperial standard, light and convenient,durable to use.Good oxidation resistance,not easy to rust.


    1,The carpenter square is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

    2,Horizontal base for easy edge-to-edge and smooth for you to use.

    3,Easy to work,saves time and effort,easy to operatecomfortable to hold.

    4,Humanity design,beautiful appearance,each corner of the ruler has been specially polished,smooth and not hurting the hand.

    5,There are scales on both the front and the back,providing different usage requirements,exquisite craftsmanship,and fine workmanship.


    Material:Aluminum Alloy




    Package includes: 1 x ruler