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  • Superior Material: The D Ring Shackle is made of 304 stainless steel, which has anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties
  • Sturdy steel shackles, Maximum load: 100kG
  • Practical: This product is not a cheap cast variant, so it ensures the highest security through the excellent workmanship. In contrast to the cast variants, the forged shackles are equipped with a significantly higher breaking load. This product can also be used as an anchor shackle. Resistant to seawater and UV radiation.
  • Reminder: Make sure the pin is screwed into the shackle correctly: tighten it by hand, and then fix it with a wrench or other suitable tool; make sure the shackle is correct, that is, support the load along the center line. Avoid bending loads, unstable loads and overloads.
  • Wide range of uses: Shackles are not only suitable for outdoor, but also for the marine field, whether it is in gardens, boats, water sports, agriculture, food industry, in water technology, can be used for machinery manufacturing. Used as an alternative connection element for carabiner, connecting screw, carabiner, heavy-duty screw chain, carabiner or hook
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    D-shaped shackle, with threads. Widely used in anchor chains, sailing accessories, trailers; can be connected with chains, rope accessories. Rugged and weather-resistant, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

    Material: Stainless steel
    Color: silver

    10 * D shape shackle

    [+]Strong bearing
    [+]Multiple uses

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