10 Value Rectifier Diode 2 Sets (400 Pieces) Axial Lead Rectifier Diode IN4001~1N4007, IN5817~IN5819 Assortment Kit with Clear Box

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The 10 value rectifier diode have high efficiency, low leakage, low forwarder voltage drop and high current capability.
  • DIODE RANGE: The diode assortment include standard diode IN4001 IN4002 IN4003 IN4004 IN4005 IN4006 IN4007 and schottky diodes IN5817 IN5818 IN5819, total 200pcs of rectifier diode in one set, come with 2 sets.
  • CLEAR BOX WITH LABEL: Each of our rectifying diode plastic boxes is labeled with the corresponding diode model so that you can easily find it you want and save a lot of time.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: Come with 400pcs rectifier diode with 2 handy storage boxes, so you can take it anywhere you want and keep this recifier diode kit well organized.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Widely used for many electronics projects hobbies and repairs, like electronic doorbell, radio power supplier, product development, student experiments. Perfect for home, school, office, industry electrical equipment and electrical appliancecs.


10 Value Rectifier Diode 2 Sets ( 400 Pieces ) Axial Lead Rectifier Diode IN4001 ~1N4007, IN5817~IN5819 Assortment Kit with Clear Box
Product Features:
Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that converts alternating current into direct current, used as voltage references and as shunt regulators to regulate the voltage across small circuits.
Current: 10A
Type: Rectifier diode
Quantity: Total 400pcs, packed in two boxes, 200pcs of each box
Package Include:
40pcs 1N4001 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4002 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4003 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4004 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4005 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4006 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N4007 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N5817 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N5818 Rectifier Diodes
40pcs 1N5819 Rectifier Diodes