Soldering Tip Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Brass Tip Cleaner Kit and 6PCS Brass Ball Wire-type with 1PC Ball Shell Holder for Cleaning Solder Irons and Tips

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  • A must have for cleaning soldering tips: this soldering tip cleaner cleans much better than conventional sponges, it’s no need water, will not reduce the tip temperature when clean tips, also no solder ball breaks out than conventional tip tinners, improve work efficiency.
  • Advantage: the soldering tip cleaner can prevent the iron tips oxidation effectively, to prolong the life of your tip, they help to remove oxides and excess solder to preserve tip life and enable clean precise soldering.
  • Humanized Design: the ball shell and domed housing design with the hold, tin slag will not splashed on the workbench, keep a cleanly working environment.
  • Extra 6pcs replacement brass pad: brass tip cleaning ball can improve your soldering capabilities and it’s way better than paper, sponge or steel wool. No contamination risk compared to conventional tip tinners.
  • Helpful and Saving time: when the iron head inserted into the brass wire tip cleaner, the tip will be cleaned thoroughly, convenient and efficient, improve work efficiency.