Led Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger Lamp with USB Charging Port Silver Study Desk Lamps Office Table Reading Lamps Dimmable Touch Modes for Kids for Bedrooms

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  • 【✔25 Kinds of Vision-Caring】Wireless charger lamp has 5 kinds of brightness+5 colors can be adjusted separately, You can adjust lights according to the brightness of the working environment and the sensitivity of the retina of different people, who work and study for a long time more efficient, easier to read.
  • 【✔Two Charging Modes】 led desk lamp study with wireless charger has 5v2A power, wireless charging lamp has 5v1A fast-charging function (1-2 hours can be fully charged), suitable for iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Samsung S9, and Samsung S9+ and other mobile phones with wireless charging function.
  • 【✔Brand New Touch】Reading lamp with usb charging port buttons have a touch function, press the table lamps power button for 2 seconds to turn on, short press to adjust the brightness (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%), short press the second to decrease Adjust the color tone (100% white, 75% white+25% yellow, 50% white+50% yellow, 25% white+75% yellow, 100% yellow),warmly light.
  • 【✔Super Memory Function】 The memory function of the lamp with usb charging port means that you only need to set the brightness/color mode after using the lamps for bedrooms, and the brightness and hue will appear after the next time it is turned on. Very convenient for Reading and working.
  • 【✔45-minute Timing】A bedroom usb desk lighting is the most anticipated by every child since childhood. The light is a warm companion, with a 45-minute timing brightness that will accompany them to full asleep.


The desk lamp with wireless charging function and usb charge has always been very popular. We define it as the latest style. It is a function very suitable for office workers and students. It is affordable, practical and beautiful.

The desk led is an indispensable tool for daily study and life. For people who read books, the adjustable light can protect the eyes and keep the eyesight in the best condition; for people who work, owing a desk lamp can relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Good for home, office, dorm, school, hotel, dorm; Basic style for men, women, young people, children, students; For computer or desk, bedside table, bedside table, work work, side table; For homework, study, reading books, indirect light; Perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more

Input voltage (V): 5V
Whole lamp power: 5W
Appearance color: silver white
Illumination: 600 Lux
Color rendering index: CRI>80%
Color temperature: 3000K~6000K
Luminous flux: 420Lm
Lamp beads: 30PCS SMD2835
Battery capacity: plug-in model without battery
Material: aluminum alloy + ABS plastic
Green-light indicates the light will automatically turn off in 45 minutes;

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